Chasing Superman4

**Please forgive the sound quality of this recording.  We are working to ensure the quality of the audio for the podcasts**  Each of us is a leader because we have influence over someone.  The question is how do we use our influence.  Do we use it for our own benefit or do you leverage our strengths for the benefit of others.  One way we can use our strength to benefit others is by looking for people in our lives that we can encourage or equip.   In this lesson Darryl talks about the importance of investing in the people around us.   

Chasing Superman 3

In this 3rd installment of the series "Chasing Superman" Darryl looks at some things that we can do to change our hearts.  In this teaching Darryl shares information researched from the 242 church, Andy Stanley and others to make the point that real leadership is born out of having the right heart.   

Chasing Superman2

Great leaders are men and women who know the rules.  They are often people who follow the rules.  But rule following in and of itself does not make you a good leader.  Rules do not have the power to create a truly great leader.  A great leader is defined by something better than following rules.  In this teaching Darryl asks his friend Jay Estes to talk a bit about what makes a great leader.  

Chasing Superman 1

Darryl introduces this sermon series by talking about how the church sometimes uses the Bible to make heavy commands and burdens that no one can bear.  When we place heavy burdens on people they often give up.  On the other side of the coin as leaders each of us should do our best to bear the burden of leadership without giving up and keep tension between who we are and who we could be.