Redeeming Ruth2

In this second sermon called "Redeeming Ruth" (based on a series by Mars Hill Church) Darryl talks about how "lucky we are" to have soo many good things in our lives.  He also talks about how each of us want to trust God more but don't know how to get there.  Darryl gives a solution to that problem in this sermon.  

Recovery Road4

Today is the fourth message in the series Recovery Road (a series by NorthPoint Church).  Today Darryl talks about how when you are on the road to the recovery sometimes you have to take care of your debt.  The borrower is slave to the lender and sometimes when you are a borrower you don't have the freedom you need in order to recover.  In this lesson Darryl gives the inspiration needed to get out of debt.  

Recovery Road3

In this 3rd installment of the series Recovery Road Darryl discusses how we can begin on our road to recovery.  None of us like to depend on anyone else to handle our problems, but recovery begins by making a declaration of dependence.  (This series is based on a sermon series by NorthPoint Church) 

Habits of Happiness8

In this last sermon of the series Habits of Happiness Rex Sanders (one of our church Shepherds) steps in to fill Darryl's role this week and speaks about the benefits of generosity.  He talks about how one of the ways that God teaches that we can find happiness is through generosity.  

Habits of Happiness4

In this message Darryl pauses to thank his church for their work this year.  Thanksgiving is a time to stop and remember what we have been given.  The church in Ann Arbor has been a blessing to all who meet her - especially those who are a part of her.  

Guardrails 6

In this final sermon in the Guardrails series Darryl discusses the push back that we have to creating Guardrails or boundaries for our lives.  He also discusses how Guardrails can protect us and direct us if we allow them to.  (This sermon series has been a collection of sermons created by NorthPoint Church in Atlanta, Georgia.)  


In this message based on a sermon series by North Point Church Darryl discusses why we need Guardrails and boundaries in our lives.  Sometimes it is easy to see that someone else is heading in a negative direction but it is difficult to see that in ourselves.  Darryl discusses some ideas on how we can protect ourselves from being blind sided by terrible situation and circumstances in our lives by putting up some Guardrails that will effect every area of our life.