Habits of Happiness4

In this message Darryl pauses to thank his church for their work this year.  Thanksgiving is a time to stop and remember what we have been given.  The church in Ann Arbor has been a blessing to all who meet her - especially those who are a part of her.  


In this message based on a sermon series by North Point Church Darryl discusses why we need Guardrails and boundaries in our lives.  Sometimes it is easy to see that someone else is heading in a negative direction but it is difficult to see that in ourselves.  Darryl discusses some ideas on how we can protect ourselves from being blind sided by terrible situation and circumstances in our lives by putting up some Guardrails that will effect every area of our life.   

24K lifestyle4

Purity of Heart is to will one thing - Soren Kierkegard.  There are many things that get in th way of us willing the One Thing.  There are 2 that stand out though.  One of them is work.  Darryl talked about that in the previous podcast.  Today he finishes this series by talking about the second thing that gets in the way of us living our lives willing just One Thing.

24K lifestyle 3

It is so easy to get caught up in doing work and being busy that we begin to be defined by how much we accomplish. We don't want to be driven by accomplishment.  We want to be driven my love for God.  In order to make that happen we must be diligent in pursuing the Lord.  This week Darryl talks about one of the things that gets in the way of us making God the only thing we want.   

24K lifestyle

When we leverage guilt to make our relationships work things get messy.  Guilt is not mean to run our lives or relationships.  Guilt is meant to move us on to something better.  Today Darryl talks about what that better thing is.  He also talks about how those of us who never feel guilt are not likely to be what God has called us to be.   

Chasing Superman4

**Please forgive the sound quality of this recording.  We are working to ensure the quality of the audio for the podcasts**  Each of us is a leader because we have influence over someone.  The question is how do we use our influence.  Do we use it for our own benefit or do you leverage our strengths for the benefit of others.  One way we can use our strength to benefit others is by looking for people in our lives that we can encourage or equip.   In this lesson Darryl talks about the importance of investing in the people around us.   

Chasing Superman 3

In this 3rd installment of the series "Chasing Superman" Darryl looks at some things that we can do to change our hearts.  In this teaching Darryl shares information researched from the 242 church, Andy Stanley and others to make the point that real leadership is born out of having the right heart.   

Chasing Superman2

Great leaders are men and women who know the rules.  They are often people who follow the rules.  But rule following in and of itself does not make you a good leader.  Rules do not have the power to create a truly great leader.  A great leader is defined by something better than following rules.  In this teaching Darryl asks his friend Jay Estes to talk a bit about what makes a great leader.